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How to Embrace Your Sparkle and Keep it Shining Bright This Year! ✨

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“If her glitter didn't sparkle she would shatter.”

April, co-founder of Namas’cray, woke up from a dream with this thought fresh in her mind. It reminds us of the importance of allowing ourselves to sparkle and to truly be our multi-faceted selves. 

This idea inspired us to search for other quotes about embracing our crazy and we hope to deepen the conversation by sharing seasonal blog posts as we move through 2019.

We don’t seek to romanticize mental illness, but aim to speak honestly about it. Like we always say—we all have a little bit of craziness within us. We each have our lightness and our darkness, our sanity and madness. There are the parts that we show to the world, the parts that we attempt to hide and within all of this, there is beauty. By embracing all facets, we are closer to our true, authentic selves.

What does it mean to you to sparkle? To us, it's the light that shines through and makes us unique in this world. You deserve to shine your bright light, do not lose your sparkle!

"I personally love the metaphor 'sparkle' because it's about standing out, reflecting a light about who we are and embracing our multifaceted brilliant self," Barth says. "There's nothing passive about sparkling — it's a revolutionary shift in your life, one that makes you come alive!" -Lois Barth from the book, Courage To Sparkle: The Audacious Girls' Guide to Creating A Life That Lights You Up
We aim to help destigmatize “crazy” with humor and we don’t deny who we are to fit into the mainstream yoga culture. We have found that by owning our sparkle and encouraging others to own theirs, we have given space for acceptance and opened up some powerful conversations about dealing with real-life struggles.

Many of us suffer from anxious or depressive tendencies and these are often not parts that feel accepted within the ultra-zenned out, blissed-out yoga culture exaggerated on social media.

By developing and embracing our own uniqueness, we feel less like we need to hide the challenges we face in confronting difficult aspects of our personalities and our states of being.

Below are a few great tips inspired from DiviniCo to help us all cultivate that sparkle. It’s not about changing your entire life in one day but noticing the little things and making small, incremental changes. Mindfulness can train your brain to shift and shine!

✨ Tip #1: Have Sparkle Awareness
Notice what you notice. Start to pay attention. Mindfulness literally changes the way that our brains work. If you start to give attention to your sparkle, the times you feel most alive and closer to your true self, you will make more space to shine.
✨ Tip #2: Make Downtime Primetime
Know when you need to take time for yourself and make that a priority. It might only be 5 minutes you have each day but choose what you do with that time wisely. Taking a few, purposeful, deep breaths or a quick walk around the block can help shift your energy. 
✨ Tip #3: Put a Spark to Your Yoga Pants
Sometimes just putting on a cute pair of pants and brushing your hair can shift your perspective. If you are feeling down, get up, get dressed and put some glitter on… literally or metaphorically.
✨ Tip #4: Sparkle Ignites Sparkle
Laughter and good vibes are literally contagious! If you know who brings your vibration up, make a point to connect with them and feed each other’s light.
✨ Tip #5: Protect Your Sparkle
What dims your light? Identify those things that bring you down and find a few ways to catch them as they come up and put the brakes on. Whether it is a certain person or circumstance, learn to make boundaries to protect your sparkle.
✨ Tip #6: Sparkle Much And Often
What makes you sparkle? Do more of it! It doesn't have to be a grand gesture. Identify a few things you can do to shift your vibe that only take a minute or two and start to do them more often. 

By incorporating practices like these, we can work to recognize our power, take pride and ownership over the wholeness of our personalities and honor ourselves. Throughout 2019, we will be sharing some of our favorite crazy quotes and would love to hear your comments and feedback as we move forward! We hope these monthly blogs will create more conversations and space for building community together.

Did this post resonate with you? How do you embrace your crazy and cultivate your sparkle? Feel free to share your tips for sparkle success in the comments. Make sure to tag your friends who shine bright over on our Instagram!
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Namas’cray is a yoga lifestyle brand based in California. We donate a portion of proceeds from our online shop to charities supporting mental wellness.

Join the movement. Embrace the crazy.

  • sadie crane on

    I woke up this morning and said “today I have the opportunity to shine my light.” Today I get to run a yoga group in my psychosocial class and teach my colleagues the benefits of yoga and how they have helped me throughout my recovery. I feel so blessed that I have this opportunity and yet I am still nervous. Reading this post at just the right moment confirmed that this is my time to sparkle. We all have times in our lives that we feel unsure about our stories, but these times can also help us rise and be the place to shine our light. What sparkles turns to gold!

  • JoAnn on

    Ahhh, to embrace the crazy. Crazy sad, crazy happy, it’s what makes us us. Add some sparkle and let go!

  • Laurelann on

    Love the site and the blog my Namascazy friends!
    A good reminder to find what motivates us and do that as much as possible. For me, that is to dance, sing, and play!
    Big hugs to all!

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